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SAE AS478S:2022


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SAE AS478S-2022 Identification Marking Methods standard by SAE International, 11/02/2022

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This standard provides the following:

a. Definition of terms pertaining to marking.
b. Symbols for marking location.
c. Requirements and restrictions for permanent markings.
d. Types of marking methods.
e. Rules for designating marking methods.
f. Table listing marking methods.

1.1 Purpose
To define and control marking methods, and to provide a method for specifying desired marking methods on aerospace engineering drawings of parts and assemblies.

2.1.1 U.S. Government Publications
Copies of these documents are available online at
MIL-HDBK-57 Listing of Fastener Manufacturers’ Identification Symbols
H4/H8 Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Codes
2.1.2 ANSI Accredited Publications
Copies of these documents are available online at
ANSI INCITS 17 Character Set for Optical Character Recognition (OCR-A)
ANSI INCITS 93M Character Positioning for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
2.2 Definitions
For the purpose of this standard, the following definitions shall apply:
Any individual, company, partnership, association, or corporation holding a contract or letter of intent to supply items for which this standard is specified.
Any marking applied to an item or its package for the purpose of engineering, manufacturing, or inspection control.
Examples are:
a.Item number
b.Vendor number
c.Manufacturer’s identification
The actual manufacturer’s name, registered trademark, or the identification symbol listed in MIL-HDBK-57, or the CAGE code identification established in Cataloging Handbooks H4/H8, or as otherwise specified.
2.2.3 ITEM
An article, used in this standard to relate to a part, assembly, or equipment.
The smallest enclosure into which an item(s) is placed for protection during storage or shipment.
Marking which will ensure identification during the normal service life of the item. Methods of permanent marking are listed in 4.1.