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IEEE P2938


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IEEE P2938 IEEE Approved Draft Guide for Economic Loss Evaluation of Sensitive Industrial Customers Caused by Voltage Sags

standard by IEEE, 06/28/2023

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This guide provides a method to evaluate the economic loss impact of voltage sags on sensitive industrial customers. It describes how to carry out cost and loss economic-assessment of voltage sags, what economic indexes and assessment flowcharts can be considered, how to efficiently collect useful data for evaluation, and recommended experimental method for testing users’ equipment and production line.


The purpose of this guide is to provide a technique for evaluating economic-losses of sensitive industrial customers caused by voltage sags, and further provides mathematical means, e.g. economic indexes and assessment flowcharts, to quantify the losses of sensitive customers.


New IEEE Standard - Active - Draft.The production process of sensitive users is easy to interrupt due to voltage sag, resulting in a lot of economic losses. This document provides a method to evaluate the economic losses of sensitive industrial users due to voltage sag. This document specifies the costs of power quality monitoring and voltage sag mitigation projects for power users, proposes the economic loss indexes due to voltage sag, and introduces the technical and economic evaluation method of voltage sag mitigation projects. This document gives the process of evaluating the economic loss due to voltage sag and the decision-making of mitigation scheme, and recommends the experimental method of testing user equipment and production line.